Waco Here We Go!

By December 2, 2016MY LIFE

A few weekends ago, my sister, Tracey, and I took a trip to Waco! Little Troy had the weekend with Daddy while I took my little girl and baby Rees.

We visited one of my best friends, Laura. Her husband and I went to University of California-Irvine and we both graduated with bachelor’s degrees in philosophy. He has since gone on to become a professor and do amazing things in the Philosophy world. So whenever I want my mind blown, a discussion with them will do the trick.

By divine intervention (seriously…), they moved from California to Waco, Texas a little over a year ago. And now, we are together in the same state once again!

My little Penny just loves taking road trips. She packed her own backpack with her dolls and was so excited to visit Laura’s house again.

Rees will be a year old in a couple of months. Trying to take as many pictures of him as I can while he’s still a baby. Those chubby cheeks may not be with us for very much longer!

Did you catch the picture of Laura? She is 15 weeks pregnant with her first baby! So excited for her.

Of course, a trip to Waco would not be complete without a visit to Magnolia Market! We actually went twice that day but it was so packed in the morning that we left to get lunch and came back in the late afternoon. We also visited one of our friends who just started working there. She loves it!

Since Waco is only two hours away, it makes a quick weekend getaway possible for a busy mom like me.

We will be back soon, Waco!




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