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By October 1, 2016GOD, POLITICS & CULTURE

Every year, Christian conservatives from all over the country gather together in Washington, DC for the Values Voter Summit. Organized by the legislative arm of the Family Research Council, our nation’s top leaders were invited to speak on the most pressing issues surrounding faith, family, and freedom.

I was there representing the pro-life organization, Bound4LIFE.

The biggest issue this year is, obviously, the presidential election. Both Donald Trump and his VP pick, Mike Pence, were there to woo voters. Hillary Clinton was also invited, but declined. She’s not much of a conservative, you know…

Judging from the audience reactions, the Christian attendees seemed divided in their approval/disapproval of Trump’s candidacy.

I am undecided at this point. I have been vocal about my opposition towards Trump and his questionable pro-life convictions earlier in the Republican primary season. But alas, it is now the general election and it’s Hillary or Trump at the top of the ticket.

Obviously, Hillary is an absolute no. But does voting for Trump stop an even greater threat of a Hillary’s presidency or does it undermine the Christian witness, given Trump’s views and his unsavory past? That is the question all of us will have to answer in this election cycle.

Here are some photos of the September event with some timely quotes from the speakers.

“Government doesn’t work if self-government doesn’t work first” – Kirk Cameron, Christian actor.

Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of the First Liberty, speaking on winning 9 out of 10 cases for religious liberty. Amazing!

“I believe we are in a Bonhoeffer moment. We must not be silent” – Todd Starnes of Fox News.

“The problem is not the presence of darkness, it’s the absence of light” – David and Jason Benham, Christian entrepreneurs.

“At the end of the day, one will prevail, which one will it be?” – Michele Bachmann, speaking on the presidential election.

Michele Bachmann and I, during lunch break.

I had a great time being amongst fellow believers involved in politics.

Bethany Bomberger, Julie Klose, and I at the Radiance Foundation booth. Fellow pro-life activists!

Ryan Bomberger‘s new book, Not Equal, is a must-read!

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, quotes Romans 12:9, “Abhor what is evil & hold fast to what is good.”

“We are best off when we are on offense, not on defense,” Rudy Giuliani speaking on radical Islam.

Donald Trump, Republican nominee for President.

“The first rule of business is to reposition ourselves under God” – Abraham Hamilton. Amen!

“We are a blessed people, we are a blessed nation, but blessings come with responsibility” – George Barna. Probably one of the most sobering speeches I heard during the event. Brings me to my knees hearing the stats on how bad the church was doing in getting Christians involved in the political process. If believers won’t represent godly values in the political sphere, what hope do we have to change this nation? Sign up for emails and keep up to date with Barna’s research here.

“God didn’t redeem us to have a spirit of timidity” – Matt Bevin firing up the crowd!

“We need to stay the course and fight the fight, now more than ever” – the Beardless brother, Alan Robertson. Had never heard him speak before this. He was very eloquent and knowledgeable on politics. Pleasantly surprised!

“I’m a Christian, I’m a Conservative, I’m a Republican – in that order” – Mike Pence, governor of Indiana and Republican VP pick.

“I am pro-life and I don’t apologize for it” – Thank you, Governor Pence.

“Have nothing to do with the works of darkness but expose them” – Ryan Bomberger, exposing the lies of the left through his organization, the Radiance Foundation.

“Planned Parenthood is not above the law… Shut them down” – David Daleiden speaking on the corruption of the abortion giant.

David Daleiden and I. Honored to meet this guy! His work in investigating Planned Parenthood’s illegal baby parts selling practices has been a game changer in the pro-life movement.

George Barna and I. Love all his books! He’s never afraid to tell the hard truth about the state of the American church, even if pastors don’t want to hear it!

And that sums it up! Watch all the speeches here.

Last thoughts:

Get informed and get involved in politics! Stand for a cause you believe in. Will the church influence the politics of our day or will we relinquish that to the world?

I remember being so discouraged and downcast after the 2008 presidential election and checked out of politics. But things did not get better – they got worse. There was no other choice –  I had to get back in the game, no matter how I felt about it.

We can leave the results up to God and rest assured in Him when we know we’ve done our part.

Fellow Christians, things will not get better without us shining our light, speaking the truth, and standing up for what is right in our culture. Indeed, what will they say of the church years from today?

When America started going astray, approving the sacrifice of our own babies, rejecting God’s design for man and woman, and celebrating violence against authority – did the church stand up and sound the prophetic alarm? Did the church call out right from wrong? Did the church have the boldness to engage in the culture, even if it meant persecution?

Or did she cower and retreat into her four walls? Or did she rewrite the sermons to adhere to political correctness? Or did she pretend that things were just as they had always been and continue on with business as usual… until we were too far gone?

Though God knows the beginning to end, history has not been written for us. We must decide what we will do.




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