PHOTOS: Texas Republican Convention 2016

The Texas GOP Convention was in Dallas this year. Right in my own backyard!

I was actually on the fence about going, considering Donald Trump is now the presumptive nominee. Yet seeing as Ted Cruz, the candidate I supported, won the Texas primary, I thought I’d probably be in good company so I decided to go.

Lately, I’ve been convicted about getting more involved in local politics. As a writer, it’s sometimes easier to write about politics and culture and critique what’s going on out there without actually trying to make a real difference.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, but I realized this election was pivotal and I could not stay on the sidelines any longer, no matter what I had going on in my personal life.

I volunteered with Texas Values, an organization which does amazing work in standing up for faith, family, and freedom in the great state of Texas. Here I am manning the booth, where I talked to the delegates and shared about their work with my friend, Nicole.

We met and talked to a lot of awesome Americans who were serving as delegates for the convention. Many were conservatives, Christians, and patriots who loved America and loved politics. This is my tribe!

We also represented Texas Values Action, which is the advocacy and legislative arm of Texas Values. They offer a free voters guide for Texans, which I use for every election.

Many of the delegates were decked out in American and Texan apparel. Patriotism was running high at this convention.

I love how Texans are so proud of their state. Yes and I’m one of them!

As a Ted Cruz supporter, I had to stop by his booth and meet all the Cruz crew.

We wrote cards to Ted and Heidi, encouraging them to keep on fighting for the conservative cause. My heart sank when the news broke that Ted had dropped out of the Republican primary race after Donald Trump won Indiana. I can’t imagine how he felt.

Politics is brutal. There’s not much encouragement flying around, so it was great seeing all the uplifting notes written by other Cruz supporters.

It is bittersweet thinking about what happened with Cruz’s campaign and how it had to end. I was not as involved as I wanted to be but I was convicted to join their prayer team. Every Tuesday I would fast and get on the phone to join hundreds of other supporters to pray for the campaign. We would hear from church leaders who would exhort and encourage us with powerful, desperate prayers for America. I became even more impassioned and burdened for this nation. I will truly miss those times of prayer together.

Even though Ted Cruz didn’t win, he has given me and thousands of other Americans hope that there are leaders in politics who will fight for the Constitution and our liberties.

No matter what happens in the general election here on out, let it be known, I was a Cruz supporter.

Thanks Ted! Keep fighting the good fight.

Greg Abbott, our awesome governor was also there signing autographs for his book and meeting the attendees.

The First Liberty booth… fighting for our religious freedom.

The Empower Texas booth… they had a real canon and swords.

Our candy basket was uncannily popular.  That’s how we got so many people to come to our booth.

Nicole introduced me to our Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton. His booth was right across from ours. It was so good to meet some of our elected officials at the convention.

I was interviewed by NBC 5 because I am a ‘woman of color.’ I don’t know if that’s how I’d define myself primarily, but thanks!

I told them the pro-life issue was the biggest issue for me in this election.

During one of the evenings, I attended the Texas Eagle Forum banquet where Gov. Rick Perry was a special guest.

We also heard from the Benham Brothers! They are amazing speakers with an incredible testimony of standing up for their faith in our culture. Do hear them speak if you ever get a chance.

Here we are at the end of the night. Exhausted but fired up to keep spreading the conservative message to the world!


The best part about going to the convention was meeting with so many kindred spirits. I know the Republican Party is not perfect. It is merely a human invented political party with all its faults and warts. Yet I have met some of the most passionate, sold-out Christians fighting for godly causes within it. That being said, if the party stops standing for conservative, biblical principles, I know many of us will have to look elsewhere.

So let me ask you, are you passionate about politics? Are you dissatisfied with how our country is being run and concerned about where it is going? We can’t just sit on the sidelines any longer while America disintegrates from the inside out. We must join the fight to counterattack the godless, depraved, liberal agenda that is destroying lives and communities.

First of all, you have to vote. At every election, do your homework and vote for candidates who will represent conservative values in our government. Heck, there are conservative organizations who do the homework for you. Just go and vote.

Secondly, get involved in the process. I joined the Cruz prayer team. I started writing for news publications. I started a blog. I started going to political events that mattered to me. It’s boring doing this by yourself. Connect with politically minded people and join with other conservatives who have the same passions as you. We are better together. There is power in numbers.

Thirdly, ask God for direction. How does He want you to approach politics and culture? We are all SO unique and individual and we all have something to give to the world. What does your light look like? What gifts has God given you to use to make a difference in a dark and hurting world? Be open to innovative ideas He gives you.

We can do this! Future generations are counting on us to preserve this great nation.


Photo credit: Aaron Wong (my brother)

Many nations will say, "Come and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord and to the House of the God of Jacob, that He may teach us about His ways, and that we may walk in His paths." For from Zion will go forth the law, even the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

Micah 4:2




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