Sometimes, You Just Gotta Get Away to The Natural State

By July 9, 2016MY LIFE

Earlier in the Spring, our family took a road trip to the beautiful Natural State for a family vacation. Arkansas is amazing that time of the year!

We went to visit some friends who are leaving on a long-term mission trip to Japan in August. We won’t see them for two years!

It was a nice getaway from the big city. I love Dallas, but there is something about making a long distance trip somewhere, anywhere, that has a way of renewing your perspective on life. It was our first family vacation since Zeke passed away.

Our friends have acres of beautiful pasture. James asked me, “Wouldn’t you want to move here?”

Short answer, “No!” After moving around so much in our earlier years of marriage, Lord willing, I’m done moving. But tempting! Arkansas is calm, serene, and just beautiful…

When we met our friends, Josh and Natalie, we were all living in LA back then. I had just graduated from college and they had moved from Arkansas to attend grad school there. When we told them we were relocating our family to Dallas it was such a somber moment. We had grown so close praying and encouraging each other through many difficult situations. It was sad to say goodbye to such dear friends.

However, a few years later, they also moved back to their hometown, so it all worked out! They are now only a few hours away and we’ve been able to see each other so much more. That is, until they move to the other side of the world to serve God in the mission field!

It was fun to see how both our families have grown and to see our kids now playing with each other.

My kids love their aunt, Tracey!

This picture makes me fall in love with the country…

The kids had a blast. It was quite a bit of work traveling with three kids three and under but so worth it! Not that I’m going do it again anytime soon…

The ladies also got some much needed girl time. We walked around downtown Bentonville, did some shopping, and visited the Walmart museum. I got a good dose of Sam Walton’s story – the epitome of the American Dream fulfilled!

Natalie has the sweetest little girl who is just a few months older than our Rees. Yet, she’s about twice as big!

This little baby is the sweetest little one in the whole world! Rees came into the world just three weeks after Zeke passed away. Ironically, when he came out of he womb, he looked just like Zeke did as a baby.

We ended last year saying goodbye to Zeke and welcomed the new year with the birth of Rees. I know God had a hand in all this – His goodness shone through despite the heartache we’ve been through. Rees has truly been a blessing in our time of mourning.

Thank you, Arkansas, for giving us a fantastic time away from home!

Return to your rest, my soul,
for the Lord has been good to you.

Psalm 116:7




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  • Michael Katz says:

    Great article sis. I thank God that you and your family got in a relaxing and refreshing vacation with other members of the family of God. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Blessings to you and your family,


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