PHOTOS: A Dallas Evening Screening of 3801 Lancaster

By April 5, 2016MY LIFE

My good friend, Nicole Hudgens, of Texas Values informed me of a special screening of 3801 Lancaster: American Tragedy in Dallas. Naturally, I jumped on the opportunity.

Now that Rees is born, it’s been harder to get out to events. My husband, James, though always encourages me to take a little time off and do the things I am passionate about. Thankfully, the two older ones love hanging out with their daddy by themselves. They didn’t miss me at all!

My sister, Tracey, of The Image Talks, came to do video and my brother, Aaron, did photography for the event.

I come from a big family and I love being able to work with my siblings on projects. Honestly, I don’t know how I’d get things done without them!

We have a lot of fun together! Trace and I have been sidekicks since our high school days when we were serious dancers. Back then we joined forces by heading up our high school dance team and competing around the country. We found we worked really well together.

While our dreams of becoming professional dancers may have died a sad and painful death with graduation, our sisterly relationship is a strong as ever today.

And I realized there was life beyond aspiring to become Britney Spear’s dance choreograopher.

Good thing God showed me the light on that one.

Today, Trace and I are collaborating more than ever. I’m glad we have a lot of the same passions.

Nicole travels around Texas and the country organizing events and speaking on pro-family and pro-life issues for her organization, Texas Values. She’s an up and coming rockstar in the conservative movement!

Don’t believe what the liberal media tells you, we millennials are more pro-life than the previous generations before us.

A diverse group of people came to see the award-winning documentary. It was a very engaged audience.

I love how Studio Movie Grill lets you order food for the movie. Especially helpful when you haven’t had dinner. However, eating a meal while watching a film about an abortionist committing manslaughter and murder of women and pre-born babies was not the best idea.

Nicole conversed with many of the audience members who stayed around for the Q&A. A lot of good questions were asked about Kermit Gosnell and the significance of the case in enacting new laws that would prevent cases like this from ever happening again.

Overall, it was a very informative and meaningful evening. Glad I came out!

To top it off, we all went out for Yogurtland afterwards. It’s the simple things in life…

Visit for more details about this incredible film.




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